“12 Business Make Over Tips To Build

A Public Listed Company From Scratch Within 4 Years”

Do You Want To Build A Business Worth Millions?
You Can Start Now With “Cash Your Passion” Book, written by Yang Po Tan

  • Learn the 12 Critical Steps To Build A Business
  • Identify The Biggest Roadblocks Hindering Your Success
  • Techniques to Negotiate Million dollar deals
All these knowledge taught in a simple process for less than one meal.

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Starting A Business Is The Best Way
To Achieve Financial Freedom

Are you tired of being in the rat race?
Well, salary increments can barely cover the rapid economy inflation.
Is there a better way out? Yes, there is.

To start your own business.

Starting and running your own business has been the single most common factor among the wealthiest people on this world.
Just imagine, being able to control how much you earn, having your own designed time schedule and being able to make money from your ideas.

Sounds great, however how to get started?

Sadly, 3 out of 5
Businesses fail within 3 years

You’re not alone if managing and growing a successful business is your dream, but you’re not sure where to start. The fact is, 3 out of 5 businesses fail within the first 3 years.

Business owners are quick to blame a variety of circumstances for why they were unable to create a thriving, profitable business. Some say, “It wasn’t the right time to launch a new product or service”. Others blame the fact that they didn’t have enough capital to properly get a business off the ground. The reality is that there is never a perfect time to start a business and no one is ever properly equipped to succeed massively. The real truth why people don’t succeed in business is simply because they do not have the right knowledge to seize opportunity and systemize the business.

Why do some people always succeed in business, regardless of circumstances? Simple. They have the knowledge, processes and connections to make things work. These are the tools every business uses to go from start-up to thriving business.

Do you want to stop spinning your wheels and become one of these people? If you’re ready to finally stop wasting your time, you can tap into the expertise and knowledge of a multi-millionairess who has changed not only her own life, but the lives of tens of thousands of people just like you.

The Commonality Between All Successful Companies, A Proven Business System

When you evaluate all the MNCs and successful SMEs, the common theme is that they have a proven business process that works every single time. In fact, interestingly, the product or service plays a small part in the success of the company. It is the process and system within the company that matters and contributes to the company success. However, building a proven business system takes years of experience and going through failures to make it work, which is why franchises are so popular because the years of experience comes with a manual in it.
What if you are new in business or have been in business and yet failing to properly create a business system that generates good revenue? It’s time to learn from someone who has been through it and came out triumphantly from it. Introducing Cash Your Passion book, which provides the roadmap to your business success.

Book Chapters

Business Success Depends On 12 pillars
How well you execute a clear, Forward-looking vision is what will differentiate your business and set you apart from your competitors.
Learn key techniques for starting your business including choosing the right name, marketing tips and other important “under the hood” activities for running your business.
A well-thought out plan is the cornerstone of a successful business. Explore how to create actionable and measurable objectives, target customers, make projections, core marketing techniques and more.
Understand key concepts behind best practices in marketing and learn how to really make your business stand out from the crowd.
Do you have a plan for how you will differentiate yourself from your competitors? Defining a unique selling point is critical for long term success.
Learn how to deal with internal and external team members, customers partners and associates in a way that builds credibility.
How well you handle administrative duties and reporting impacts your level of success. Learn how to optimize organization for the best results.
Great timing is an art. Learn how to match your product launch with your competitors for maximized results and more profit.
In business, momentum is everything. Learn how to be the early bird as well as create those great first impressions that will build your business reputation.
Moving from the ordinary to the extraordinary is in the details. When you strive for perfection it shows.
Find the secrets to being pro-active Instead of re-active. Learn how to anticipate change and customer needs.
Learn key strategies for building your core networks and putting together resources that will help you grow a successful business.

Learn From Yang Po,
A Business Woman Who Has Taught
Tens of Thousands to Be Financially Free

Why do some businesses have trouble getting off the ground while others thrive and prosper? If you’re looking to be highly successful doing what you love, growing a profitable business and making money using skills and techniques the textbooks don’t talk about, then this is for you.

Remember, it’s not about the product or service that you sell, but the mindset and the business process you bring into your business that matters. The most successful businesses are nothing more than a journey, and the easiest way to go about that journey is to learn from those people who have succeeded and failed over and over. These are the savvy business owners who can show you the critical short cuts, the most efficient path forward, saving you tons of time and money in the process. Smart business people learn from those around them who have the experience and skills already in place- who have already built successful enterprises.

Cash Your Passion will provide a step by step guide you through the steps of building a successful, thriving business. It’s a roadmap, an easy to follow, understandable summary of how million dollar businesses grow and take shape. Cash Your Passion is a summary of more than 20 years of business experience, successes and mistakes compiled into an easy to read book. Why spend thousands and years making mistakes when you can have the short cut to success?

Fast Forward… Now She Runs Businesses
Worth Multimillions Of Dollars And
Manages 700 Million Worth
In Properties Worldwide

Despite what she knows now, Yang Po was not an extraordinary student, In fact, she was never even at the top of her class. Yet she went on to graduate University and enter the workforce. When she faced adversity, she worked even harder, and eventually was given the same opportunity you have- to learn and grow to reach bigger, better goals.

Just like you, she started at the bottom, but grew into something extraordinary over time. With humble beginnings as a marketing executive, Yang Po listened, learned and applied what she was taught to develop the insight of a pro. With knowledge, expertise and the right guidance, she was able to reach unbelievable goals, even going on to manage international luxury brands like Montblanc and Kenzo.

With tenacity, commitment and the right guidance, Yang Po turned her dream into a reality, and you can too. Using the same steps provided here, she was able to reach four critical business milestones that were instrumental in her success. By following the same methodology shared in Cash Your Passion, Yang generated millions of dollars in just her first year. She continued to work the process, and by year two was actually expanding the company worldwide! In just under 3 years, Yang Po became the biggest property investment company in Asia. She has been through the ups and downs of running a business from scratch and wants to share these knowledge to people who are embarking or running their own business to simplify the process.

That’s the power of Cash Your Passion, and exactly how Yang Po was able to move her business from scratch to a reputable publically listed business in just under 4 years. Today, she runs her own business worth multi-millions of dollars and growing. In addition, she is pleased to manage 700 million dollars in properties worldwide.

Yang is leading the life she always dreamed of- and you can too. Rather than trying unsuccessfully to learn all the tricks yourself, learn from Yang Po’s years of experience in starting and growing businesses.

Personal mentoring from Yang Po is charged $10,000 per hour, however many people might not be able to come out with that investment to learn from her. Therefore, with Cash Your Passion, you can have instant access to all of the insight, the knowledge and expertise at a fraction of the investment while gaining the skills and insights that you need to apply to your business.


Transform your business
with this 12 critical steps
taught in “Cash Your
Passion” book

As a business owner, you probably know better than most how challenging it can be to learn from your mistakes. Running a successful business is a combination of success and failure, and it takes experience, dedication and the right resources to get it right. Why waste valuable time learning all of these life lessons when you can easily tap into the knowledge and wisdom of someone who’s already been there?

Yang Po has helped tens of thousands of individuals just starting out and those who have been in business for several years by giving them access to the information they need to be an instant success. Are you tired of waiting for the right opportunity? Cash Your Passion will walk you through key business fundamentals that will jumpstart your business, and catapult your dream into the world of the multi-million dollar business.

Smart, Savvy business owners spend tens of thousands of dollars just to get the opportunity to coach under Yang Po. Simply being around her and witnessing her advice, and tips in a crowd is a $3,000 event. Now, you have the chance to learn from her at a fraction of the cost.

Remember, what is the one secret the most successful business owners know?,
The quest from knowledge is a lifelong goal. Educating yourself with the tips, strategies and techniques of successful business is a surefire way to go from amateur and inexperienced to knowledgeable and highly successful. Continued learning is the key to getting out in front of business challenges and having the resources at hand to overcome common barriers to success. When others fail, Cash Your Passion will show you how to get past setbacks and move your business forward in a positive, productive and profitable way.

When you’re ready to get serious, and to build a secure financial foundation to grow your business, get ready to Cash Your Passion and get ready for success.


2 mentees share their success stories
Aaron & Caroline, Singapore

Our lives have changed tremendously because of what we have learnt from you on creating cash flow. With our learning, both my wife and I managed to quit our full time job and still enjoy a steady stream of income. This income not only able to support both my wife and myself, to add to the exciting success, we also have a new addition to our family, our precious daughter, whom we do not have to worry financially. We are now able to enjoy doing things as a family in our own time and pace and not have to think about money. This is only possible because of your coaching and help.
With deep appreciation, Aaron & Caroline.

Pam Siow

Yang Po led my hand to grow a multi-million coaching business by coaching a stage shy lady like me to overcome my fear and taught me powerful mindset techniques to ramp up business within 1 year plus.

She showed me step by step on how to assemble my coaching business and up to now, is one of my most respected mentors. Thanks so much for your support over these years. Pam Siow